Quality Policy statement

Xpedent recognises the need for a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure that products manufactured by the Company fulfil both customer and statutory requirements.

The Xpedent QMS has been designed to ensure that finished products are manufactured to customers’ specifications, are delivered on time, at a competitive price, and that the principles of ISO 9001 and ISO13485 are adhered to. In addition, the laws and regulations of the EU, PRC and, where appropriate, customers’ nations will also be adhered to.

Quality is the responsibility of each and every employee and each employee’s contribution to the quality of products and services provided by GYMC is vital to the success of the company. It is therefore essential that each employee understands their obligations to the QMS and complies with those obligations in order to maintain its effectiveness.

Xpedent will continually improve its QMS and product quality by setting quality objectives for improvement as part of its Management Review process; these will be monitored throughout the year.