Scaler machines

Download Ulstrasonic Scaler Book

Xpedent manufactures a range of reasonably priced, modern and compact ultrasonic scaler machines using piezoelectric technology.  These machines are suitable for use by dentists or trained dental hygienists. The XPEDENT SHEL ultrasonic scaling devices offer a scaling system that is designed for use with industry standard 25K to 31k scaling inserts in the same handpiece. The advanced electronics ensures smooth effortless calculus removal, even at low power settings, and compensates for the degree of tenacity of the deposits to ensure maximum patient comfort, and reduced operator fatigue.  The Xpedent Shel range includes machines with variable power LED lights to further facilitate the dentists’ tasks by improving visibility of the work to be carried out.

The Xpedent Shel can operate from a mains water supply or via an independent pressurized fluid supply (see AutoBott).